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10 Unforgettable Moments in Gaming

From Mario to Middle Earth, here are 10 of the most unforgettable moments in gaming… at least to me.

Also, spoilers.

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Is Someone Leading You On?

Empty promises, false hope, so close but so far, yet just enough to keep you going… Is someone leading you on?

Is Someone Leading You On

Source: Columbia

I think one of the most repeated experiences I’ve seen over the last month or so is the number of people who have gotten hurt through the channel of being led on. You know, being led on. Thinking there was more there than there really was. Having your heart further in the relationship than the other person. Starting to fall in love with someone or already all the way in, when they’re thinking about how quickly they can distance you from their lives.

I think most people have been on the receiving end of this form of torture, and in truth a lot of us have also been its harbinger in someone else’s life. Don’t act coy with me, you remember that time in high school, or that girl at church you showed questionable levels of interest in when you wanted to stay friends, or the guy at work who’s got the wrong idea because you gave him a whole lot of the right idea. Continue reading

7 Dating Pressures That Didn’t Exist 30 Years Ago

The love advice that used to work so well doesn’t fully apply in a new world. Here are 7 dating pressures that didn’t exist 30 years ago.

Dating Pressures Overly Attached

This past Sunday night I went out with one of my favourite couples. They’re great leaders and mentors to probably hundreds of people (no exaggeration), and I’m fortunate to call them friends. Something I’ve really enjoyed in the last 10 or so years is branching out in my friendships beyond my age group. Being in my 20s, it’s very rewarding for me to not just stick to people in my own set of life experiences, but those who are further ahead. And this couple in particular is winning in so many areas of life that they truly are two amazing people to learn from in a whole lot of areas. Continue reading

Chrono Cross Is The Best Game Ever Made

The girl who stole the stars, trapped within a memory, and the journey for her thoughts may cost you everything – here’s why Chrono Cross is the best game ever made.

Source: Brilliant art by Yuffie at zerochan. Check them out at http://www.zerochan.net/136806

Source: Brilliant art by Yuffie at zerochan. Check them out at http://www.zerochan.net/136806

The opening sentence above is not what most people would expect out of a  video game. I meet many people even today who are surprised that video games can have a story at all. And yet to me, the story of one girl is one of the many reasons why I consider Chrono Cross to be the best game ever made. Released in 1999 for the PlayStation, this game is a piece of art. And so if you’re a gaming aficionado, or just someone who likes deep stories, read on. A lot of my readers enjoy reading posts that reveal a lot about who I am, and if you’re in that category but not a huge gamer, give this one a read anyway – it might show you a bit more about what makes me tick (particularly the last section of this review). Continue reading

My Relient K Air For Free Review

After the polarizing Collapsible Lung, how did Relient K do with their latest album? All I can say is, “Welcome back, boys” – here’s my Air For Free review.

Air For Free Review

Relient K was a band I grew up with. During my teenage years I got introduced to the 5 man band, and they were an instant fit. It seemed like for anything going on at any season of your life, Relient K had a song for it. Needing some extra energy to keep going? Pressing On. Dealing with some decisions? For The Moments I Feel Faint. Big difficult issues in your life you need to process? Let It All Out. Need a deep theological joruney? You could look at Be My Escape, Devastation and Reform, Deathbed, In Like A Lion… lots of their songs fit that category very well. On top of that, pretty much any song they ever wrote was a standout, thanks in large part to Matt Thiessen’s excellent skills as a true wordsmith, and some great musicality. The album Forget and Not Slow Down was a masterpiece that could only be listened in its entirety, not just with single songs, simply because of the excellent musical and emotional journey the album took you on. Anything less was missing out on the full experience. Their Christmas album is on rotation on my music players literally the whole year long. Continue reading

Meeting The Right Person at the Wrong Time

“Nothing is sadder than meeting the right person at the wrong time”. Is it actually possible for this to happen?

Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time

Source: Entertainment One

Memes are a fascinating creature. Last week I saw so many memes pertaining to a particular contestant on the current Australian season of The Bachelor, comparing her to Donald Trump and Jabba the Hutt. Personally I thought she was pretty attractive and didn’t really get the mass hate she was getting, but thanks to some female friends at a party it was explained to me that she is seen as massively unattractive because of her cruel/shallow personality (thanks girls), and memes were the primary way people were expressing themselves. In fact, a university recently started an Internet Culture degree, citing the justification that memes and internet culture are a primary way society now expresses itself. Not too wrong there actually as our poor friend on The Bachelor is finding out.

And so with this in mind, I was amazed at a particular set of memes going around in the last few weeks on topic to the title of this post, namely about meeting the right person at the wrong time.  Continue reading

Analysing The One Date Rule

You’ve given them at least one chance… now what? Here’s an analytical look at The One Date Rule.

The One Date Rule

Source: The Bachelor

Also known as The One Coffee Rule.

If you know me, you’ll know I’m quite the logical processor of life. I really like thinking things through. Heck, my last post was exactly about this phenomenon – you can give that one a read here. And so today’s big life topic that’s going under the microscope – The One Date Rule. Thanks to a bunch of people I was talking to about this one recently, as well as those I’ve talked with about this in the past. This one is for you. Continue reading

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