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The Top 10 Best Movies Of All Time

Strap yourself in, boys and girls. Here are the 10 best movies of all time.

Top 10 Best Movies Of All Time

…At least according to me. Continue reading

The Challenge Of Our Pansexual Gender Fluid Society

With an increasing shift towards a pansexual gender fluid way of life, perhaps we are introducing a new challenge whilst trying to address an old one.


Another day has gone by and another slew of events have happened all around the world. All eyes are fixed on the United States election, with everyone awaiting more alleged illegal activity uncovered featuring Mrs Clinton, or another derogatory comment from Trump. There’s the destruction being wrought by the horrible Hurricane Matthew. In Australia we’ve had the death of the proposed plebiscite on gay marriage in our country.

Oh yeah, and all the news outlets were quick to report on Miley Cyrus once again commenting on her life as a pansexual. Continue reading

Not All Who Wander Are Lost… But Maybe Some Are

Even the strongest soul can become overwhelmed with a sense of discontent and a lack of direction. Not all who wander are lost… but maybe some are.

Not All Who Wander are Lost

All that glitters is not gold. These are the immortal words of Shakespeare that were adapted by Professor JRR Tolkien in the poem of the same name. Essentially the point of this statement is that there are other things that catch the eye and appear to be of great substance aren’t necessarily of value. Another take on the statement is that there are things that are valuable beyond the traditional definitions of wealth. Either way, what we have in this statement is a ploy of misdirection – we know gold is always valuable and always glittering, but not everything that pikes your interest is actually valuable.

Tolkien then goes on with a similar line – Not all who wander are lost. A famous slogan that almost every travel and tourism agency in the world has adapted and used in one form or another, Tolkien is similarly suggesting that although we usually associate wandering with a lack of direction, not everyone who is wandering is doing so without an aim or a purpose. It’s a true enough statement.

And yet I think we have come to love this statement so much that we fail to acknowledge a truth that is besetting many of us.

It’s that not all who wander are lost… but maybe some are. Continue reading

My Problem With Christian Conferences

The massive venues, the steep price tag, the lights and the world class speakers… Here’s my problem with Christian conferences.

My Problem With Christian Conferences

Source: Bethel

It seems like every month there are more and more Christian conferences popping up. Usually launched by churches, but also sometimes by organisations and partnerships, the options nowadays are unreal. From any denomination and any country, there’s something out there for you. Pastors & Leaders Conference and MegaFest at The Potter’s House, Hope and Life Conference at Lakewood, The Gospel Coalition featuring faces such as John Piper, the various events Jesus Culture of Bethel Church puts on, just to name a few, with more and more every day. Some of the hallmarks of these conferences are as follows: Continue reading

10 Unforgettable Moments in Gaming

From Mario to Middle Earth, here are 10 of the most unforgettable moments in gaming… at least to me.

Also, spoilers.

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Is Someone Leading You On?

Empty promises, false hope, so close but so far, yet just enough to keep you going… Is someone leading you on?

Is Someone Leading You On

Source: Columbia

I think one of the most repeated experiences I’ve seen over the last month or so is the number of people who have gotten hurt through the channel of being led on. You know, being led on. Thinking there was more there than there really was. Having your heart further in the relationship than the other person. Starting to fall in love with someone or already all the way in, when they’re thinking about how quickly they can distance you from their lives.

I think most people have been on the receiving end of this form of torture, and in truth a lot of us have also been its harbinger in someone else’s life. Don’t act coy with me, you remember that time in high school, or that girl at church you showed questionable levels of interest in when you wanted to stay friends, or the guy at work who’s got the wrong idea because you gave him a whole lot of the right idea. Continue reading

7 Dating Pressures That Didn’t Exist 30 Years Ago

The love advice that used to work so well doesn’t fully apply in a new world. Here are 7 dating pressures that didn’t exist 30 years ago.

Dating Pressures Overly Attached

This past Sunday night I went out with one of my favourite couples. They’re great leaders and mentors to probably hundreds of people (no exaggeration), and I’m fortunate to call them friends. Something I’ve really enjoyed in the last 10 or so years is branching out in my friendships beyond my age group. Being in my 20s, it’s very rewarding for me to not just stick to people in my own set of life experiences, but those who are further ahead. And this couple in particular is winning in so many areas of life that they truly are two amazing people to learn from in a whole lot of areas. Continue reading

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