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How Do You Move On?

I think more of us would be doing it if we knew how – how do you move on?

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The past few days on Facebook a friend has been posting about her journey to recovery and healing in her life. While everyone else has been going nuts about getting their Ashy Bines Booty Challenge in to gear or some naked yoga thing happening in Brisbane, she was sharing instead about her decision to choose healing. I wish stuff like hers got half the attention the other crap on social media gets. I’m sick of seeing Evil Kermit memes garnering more interest than the realities of the people in our lives. Continue reading

Moana is Awesome

Somewhat hidden underneath the release of the new Star Wars movie, a far superior film has hit the screens: Moana is awesome.

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Okay, okay fanboys and fangirls, settle down. I’m actually a massive Star Wars fan myself. I enjoyed Rogue One the first time. I would say it’s probably the weakest of the Star Wars prequels (and I prefer the prequels) but has its moments. On New Years Eve, I saw Rogue One for the second time at the drive-ins with a few friends, but first in the line up for the evening was Disney’s latest 3D animation, Moana.

A summary of my review is this: wow. Continue reading

8 Pros and Cons of New Beginnings

It seems with another new year, everyone is ready to start again. But is that such a good thing? Here are 8 pros and cons of new beginnings.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve made it into the most reflective portion of the adult calendar. The advent of another new year. 2017 approaches.

Most of the feedback I’ve heard on 2016 has been that it was a pretty terrible for people. It’s certainly been marred with a lot of unfortunate passings, including the recent passing of Carrie Fisher. The Republicans won the Election, Pokemon Go came and went, and Harambe was and still is a thing. Continue reading

I’m Just A Man (2016 In Review)

There’s been so much to happen across this year…. but I’m just a man. Here’s a very open look at my 2016.

Walking the Tweed river/ocean shoreline

Walking the Tweed river/ocean shoreline

Continue reading

Why Are People So Immature?

This is definitely one of the biggest complaints that people have for the opposite sex, for coworkers, for so called friends and for those gone by. Why are people so immature?

Why Are People So Immature?

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I think it’s always interesting to consider how there are two sides to every story. If you know two people who are having a disagreement or a falling out, chances are, like me, you end up hearing the complaints on both sides of the fence. He says that he wishes she would just grow up and stop playing so many emotional games. She says that she wishes he would stop being so immature and starting taking responsibility like a man. He’s annoyed that he can’t demonstrate any sort of consistency in his behaviour. She’s annoyed that her friend seems to still act like she’s 5 years old.

You ever been there? Probably. That’s probably how you ended up here. The truth is, we’ve all been in this place before. Continue reading

The Top 10 Best Movies Of All Time

Strap yourself in, boys and girls. Here are the 10 best movies of all time.

Top 10 Best Movies Of All Time

…At least according to me. Continue reading

The Challenge Of Our Pansexual Gender Fluid Society

With an increasing shift towards a pansexual gender fluid way of life, perhaps we are introducing a new challenge whilst trying to address an old one.


Another day has gone by and another slew of events have happened all around the world. All eyes are fixed on the United States election, with everyone awaiting more alleged illegal activity uncovered featuring Mrs Clinton, or another derogatory comment from Trump. There’s the destruction being wrought by the horrible Hurricane Matthew. In Australia we’ve had the death of the proposed plebiscite on gay marriage in our country.

Oh yeah, and all the news outlets were quick to report on Miley Cyrus once again commenting on her life as a pansexual. Continue reading

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